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A recent change in Swedish law makes it unlawful to publish personal information, even innocent and useful information such as the names, phone numbers and mail addresses of our staff, if the site is accessible from outside the European Union.

We have no intentions to limit the availability of this site geographically, unless we are expressedly instructed to do so. Consequently, to abide with this genious law, thereby avoiding stiff fines, imprisonment, or whatever the consequences of such a terrible crime as linking the staff names might be, the webmaster of this site has decided to discontinue the service of providing this information on the Internet.

An unfortunate consequence of this decision is that the personal home pages of our employees cannot be reached via the links that resided on this page, since this would involve the horrifying ill-doing of mentioning their names on the link page.

Oh, by the way - in case you wondered: I have consented to having my name in the footer of this page, which makes mentioning my own name entirely legal.

Read more about the law on personal data (PUL) at

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