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Perhaps by coincidence, I was born in Sweden at the day of the Nobel prize winners, December 10, in 1955 in the town of Karlskoga where Alfred Nobel made a large part of his fortune by producing guns. I was given the family name Ohlsson and three (!!) first names, Klas Erik Anders, of which Anders is what people generally call me and Erik is the name of my father.


I started out with a Masters Degree in Engineering Physics in 1982 from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. In 1988, after spending a couple of years outside the university, I signed in as a graduate student at the Analytical Chemistry Department at UmeŚ university in the northern part of Sweden. I had then jumped from the field of engineering to the academical world, from physics to chemistry and geographically from south to north. After a period of time of acclimatization, I took off and passed my PhD-exam in 1993.

As a graduate student I was supervised by Docent Wolfgang Frech who quickly brought me to the front line of research on graphite atomizers used in atomic absorption spectrometry. Thanks to him I learned the basic rules on how to do science. I also owe much to Professor Anders Cedergren, the head of Analytical Chemistry Department, who foremost provided me with a broader perspective on analytical chemistry. These are the two gentlemen that I regard as my scientific fathers.

After graduation, I received a postdoc scholarship from the Sweden-America Foundation for a visit in 1993/94 to Professor Gary Hieftje and his spectrochemistry group at Indiana university in Bloomington, IN, USA. There I had the opportunity to work with plasma instruments in a very stimulating environment. Dr Hieftje is an outstanding researcher and also an excellent teacher and group leader. Because I was much influenced by him and still feel connected to the Hieftje group, I consider him to be my scientific stepfather.

Present Activities

Back in UmeŚ and the Analytical Chemistry Department, I am now working hard along two main lines:


Published or accepted papers

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Papers in preparation

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