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The files linked in this directory are made available in digital format for the convenience of our students. They are placed behind a password, since most of the handouts contain illustrations taken from the course literature and other copyrighted sources. According to Swedish copyright law, students are allowed to make copies for themselves and fellow students.

Analytisk Kemi B, 5 p
Analytical Chemistry C, 10 p
Analytical Atomic Spectroscopy D, 5 p
Chromatography D, 10 p
Electrochemistry D, 10 p
Environmental Analytical Chemistry D, 10 p
Instrumentation for Analytical Chemistry D, 10 p
Pharmaceutical Analytical Chemistry D, 10 p
Process Analytical Chemstry D, 5 p

Note that all the files contained in this area of our server are © Copyrighted by their respective authors. Publishing and reproducing these documents in any form than the printout for study use just mentioned is a violation of this copyright and is not allowed. This of course also applies to publishing these files elsewhere on the Internet.

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