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"Yet another essential collection from Knut Irgum of Sweden's Umeå University, this one is an on-going attempt to list chemistry teaching resources on the Net. The areas covered include courses, curriculum material, demonstrations and experiments, science links, history, newsgroups, software, and a ton more. Bookmark it, teach." - Excite in its Chemistry Resources Reviews.

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Magellan Reviewed Magellan Four Star Site.

BBC Education Web "There's an excellent set of links on this site on a variety of topics including online chemistry journals, the history of chemistry, software for chemistry, resource lists for chemistry, and safety advice. There's also a number of links to periodic tables. This site is especially, but not exclusively, useful for more advanced level chemistry, e.g. CSYS or Higher Still and A-level."

Discovery Channel School "This link provides an in-class reference library that every science teacher has dreamed of. Literally at your finger tips this virtual library has hundreds of texts, references, software, lesson plans, animation, virtual modeling, multimedia, experiments and demonstrations for the chemistry teacher and student." - The Discovery Channel School in its Tips and Links Pages.

ACS One of three links listed in the ACS DivCHED Chemistry Instructor Resources: "A large annotated list of chemistry teaching resources on the Internet, Maintained by Knut Irgum, Umeň University, Umeň, Sweden." - American Chemical Society - Division of Chemical Education.

J Chem Ed Listed as a reviewed resource site by JCE Online. "JCE Internet has established a committee to review the myriad WWW sites that contain information in the field of chemistry education and other related fields. The following Internet sites have been reviewed by our WWW Site Review Committee and have been found to contain current information you may find useful." - The WWW Site Review Committee List of Journal of Chemical Education Online.

The Chemical Educator Ranked among the top six chemistry sites on the WWW: "This site is a very good directory of chemistry resources, with a strong inclination towards teaching-related sites." - Thomas G. Gardner in an article titled "Chemistry on the Internet", published in The Chemical Educator.

Exploratorium Ten Cool Sites! Chemistry Teaching Resources was selected as one of the Ten Cool Sites of The Month in December 1996 by the Learning Studio of The Exploratorium, the world famous Science Museum in San Francisco. They've found this site to be: "The most comprehensive listing of chemistry teaching resources we've come across."

Argus Clearinghouse Argus Clearinghouse Approved
Keywords: Chemistry (general), Educational resources, Teaching.
4 out of 5

Medaille d'Or "This site, run by Umea University Department of Analytical Chemistry, combines a very neat and attractive front end with a huge range of well categorised and described links to other chemistry and education resources on the Internet. In one sense this makes it "just" a links site: but the categorisation and description really do add a great deal of value. An excellent starting point." - The MÚdaille d'Or for Web Site Excellence in its Education Page.

Internet World "Ett försök från Umeå universitet att samla länkar som kan vara till nytta i kemiundervisning. Välstrukturerat, och välgjort med beskrivningar (på engelska) av länkarna.
8 of 10 - Internetworld (Sweden) 4/96, p 63.

Featured as a Site of the Day for 10 July 98 in the Chemistry Hotspots section of the New Scientist magazine website: "Countless - well almost - links that could prove invaluable to the virtual chemistry educator. Among the courses and tutorials available by link are the A thru E Approach to Problem Solving in Chemistry, which according to the Swedish webmaster summarises a general approach to solving numeric (and perhaps non-numeric) problems as: Analyse, Brainstorm for a plan, Calculate, Defend, by checking and presenting a solution, and Evaluate. There are links to take you to a basic organic nomenclature site, chemical bonding information and the very useful NMR analysis using hyperactive molecules and the World Wide Web from Imperial College's Henry Rzepa."

Added in July 1998 as a key resource in the Chemistry Section of Links2Go.

Added in November 2000 as a resource in edHelper.Com, acknowledged as being one of the best sites in their resource lists.


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