The Chemistry of Everyday Substances - Part II


  • The Faraday combustion experiment - Oxygen and the burning candle.
  • Calcium carbide cannons - The combustion of acetylene.
  • Pringle can explosions - Delayed hydrogen explosions.
  • Ionization of cobalt(II) chloride - Polar and nonpolar solvents - Chemical and physical tests.
  • The cobalt(II) chloride thermosiphon - Tetrahedral and octahedral cobalt.
  • Addition of bromine to double bonds - Straight, cyclo, and aromatic structures.
  • Chlorination of acetylene - Underwater flashes.
  • A chromophoric reaction with tomato juice - Bromination of carotenoid molecules.
  • Hybridization of atomic orbitals - An analogical demonstration.
  • Vacuums and elasticity of gases - Suction cups.
  • Collapsing containers - Atmospheric pressure.
  • Graham's law of diffusion.
  • Boyle's law.
  • Charles' law.
  • Barking dogs - Vaporization and density of carbon disulfide.
  • Combustion of phosphorus.

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