Entertaining and Educational
Chemical Demonstrations - Part I


  • Magic versus science and a sense of wonder
  • Balloon explosions and gas diffusion
  • Methane cannons
  • Colorful explosions, emission spectra, sparkling metals
  • Gas discharge tubes, emission spectra
  • Black powder and smokeless powder, waterproof fuse and sprikler pots
  • An ice bomb
  • Super saturated solutions and heat packs
  • Jumping rubber
  • Physical and chemical generation of suds, an elephant's toothpaste
  • Physical and chemical generation of clouds, genie in the bottle
  • Luminol
  • Photochromic solutions

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Format:VHS Videotape NTSC
Source:John J Fortman
Address:Dept. of Chemistry, Wright State University, Dayton, OH 45435, USA

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