Chemical Fun and Magic Show - Part II


  • The matchless explosion
    Red phosphorus and potassium chlorate is detonated with ahammer and energy forms in reactions are discussed.
  • The "hot" diaper trick
    Alcohol is used to produce a cool flame which doesn't burn up a diaper.
  • The ammonia fountain
    The physical change of dissolving ammonia gas in water is illustrated.
  • Hot and cold/liquid to solid/solid to liquid
    Sterno is produced from two liquids and a cold liquid is produced from two solids.
  • The electrolysis of water
    Water is broken down into hydrogen and oxygen gas which are then tested. The gases are combined explosively in pop bottles and a trick condensation of water is done.
  • Balloon explosions
    The effect of the size of balloons on explosions is discussed and hydrogen, hydrogen/oxygen, and methane filled balloons are contrasted.
  • A chemical volcano
    Oxidation is discussed as magnesium is burned and ammonium dichromate is converted into chromium iii oxide, water, and nitrogen gas.
  • Burning magnesium in dry ice
    The fact that burning magnesium is not extinguished by CO2 is illustrated and then the oxidation of magnesium using dry ice to produce carbon and magnesium oxide is dramatically shown.
  • Sugar, carbon and the oxygen cycle
    The action of concentrated sulfuric acid on sugar illustrates the carbon content of sugar and the heat produced leads to a discussion of photosynthesis, respiration, the energy content of food, and the oxygen cycle.
  • Potassium permanganate and glycerine
    The thermite reaction making molten iron.

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