Chemical Fun and Magic Show - Part I


  • Introduction/The Effect Of Helium On Speech
    After opening with a bang (hydrogen balloons) the show is discussed.
  • Ira Remsen's memoirs
    The action of nitric acid on copper is illustrated while discussing the learning of science by seeing and doing.
  • Dry ice and physical change
    Fog is produced by the addition of dry ice to water. The carbon dioxide is used to put out a candle and a CO2 fire extinguisher is used.
  • The origins of demonstration shows/silver trees and old Nassau
    Copper is added to silver nitrate solution. Three solutions are mixed which change first to orange (gold, yellow) and then black (blue). A chemical flag is developed.
  • Liquid nitrogen and cryogenics
    The physical effect of very low temperatures on such things as rubber objects, balloons, metals, and flowers is illustrated. The conversion of liquid nitrogen to gaseous nitrogen is shown. It ends with the smashed thumb trick.
  • Silver mirrors and trees
    A silver coating is produced inside a flask and the results of the copper wire in silver nitrate solution from segment 4 is shown.
  • Household acids and bases and the chameleon
    The indicator action of red cabbage juice on lemon juice, baking soda, vinegar, and household ammonia is shown. Carbon dioxide is produced by the action of a mild acid on baking soda and by addition of dry ice to water. The water solution of CO2 is then tested with the indicator. (note the verbal slips when baking soda is called baking powder three times). The action of an acid is used with a multicolor indicator solution to produce a chameleon effect.
  • A chemical pep rally
    A modification of the old Nassau is used to produce blue and gold in alternate beakers done to the tune of the Notre Dame victory march ending with exploding hydrogen balloons.
  • The magic flask
    Chemical smaltz and nonsense with many colored solutions produced from the same colorless liquid and a trick flask that refills itself when empty.

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