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The Credit System at Swedish Universities

Points as Credit

Credits are given in the unit of pošng, or points (p):

  • One year of full-time studies amounts to 40 p.
  • University courses are often given as 10 p entities, which at full time studies last for approximately 8.5 weeks, Monday to Friday.
Course Level Indicators (A to D)

This system is aimed at providing a level indication for the course. Courses within a subject advance one level for each 20 p, i.e., A-level from 0 to 20 p, and so forth. In chemistry we follow this scheme, so that our complete, one-year basic course is designated Chemistry AB, 40 p, on top of which the advanced level courses offered here are built.

Things become more complicated at the advanced level, because most students take far more courses than the minimum 60 p, plus a 20 p exam work, which are the major subject requirements a "Fil Mag" (the closest Swedish equivalent of an MSc diploma) in chemistry. Our categorization of courses at the CD-level into "Second Year Course" or "Course for Advanced Undergraduate and Graduate Students" is therefore based on absence or presence of a required course at the C-level for admission, rather than on the student's prior credits in chemistry.


Courses in chemistry are, with few exceptions, graded on a three-step semantic scale:

  • "Underkšnt" (Failed)
  • "Godkšnt" (Passed)
  • "Všl Godkšnt" (Passed with distinction)
Exceptions are courses designated for the engineering programmes, where the grades are given on a three-step numerical scale:
  • 3 (Lowest passed grade)
  • 4
  • 5 (Highest passed grade)

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