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Instrumentation for Analytical Chemistry D, 10 p

Topic and Background

This course is designed for chemists who construct instruments, and those who need to understand and repair or modify measurement equipment for analytical chemistry.

Course Contents

The course commences with a basic theoretical module covering fundamental electronics and instrumental optics. Then the construction and function of typical instruments in the analytical laboratory is considered. Attention is focused on identifying instrumental errors which impair performance and how to counteract disturbances in analytical measurement systems. Practical experience will be provided illustrating the use of mdern electronic equipment for locating malfunctions in analytical instruments.

In the second part of the course, simple instruments will be constructed, putting theory into practice, involving the coupling of various sensors and instrument components, to construct purpose-built meaurement units. Instruments based on general computer-driven measurement systems will be used for both signal aquisition and processing in certain experiments. Finally, a simple laboratory robot will be constructed.

Compulsory laboratory experiments are included in the course.

Course Dates 1998/99

  • January 18 to March 21, 1999. Full time course.
Required Qualifications


  • Inquire.
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