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Electrochemistry D, 10 p

Topic and Background

Among the four fundamental forces in nature, electromagnetism alone dictates the properties of the chemical and biological systems that surround us. Accordingly, electrical forces control the structures of atoms and molecules, their interactions in solids, liquids and gases, and the reactions in which they participate.

Aim of the Course

The primary goal of this course is to provide a foundation in theoretical electrochemistry which is sufficient for the understanding of many basic phenomena. Secondly, the course aims at familiarizing the student with those electrochemical methods that are exploited in many electroanalytical and technologically important applications. In such contexts, electrical energy is transmitted directly to or from chemical systems by means of electrodes.

Course Contents

The theoretical section of the course will include:

  • The theory of electrolytes.
  • The electrical properties of interfaces.
  • Galvanic and electrolytic cells.
  • Electrochemical kinetics and reaction mechanisms.
  • Aspects of bioelectrochemistry, photoelectrochemistry, and electrochemistry at semiconductor and ultramicroelectrode surfaces.
Selected examples of the applications of electrochemical concepts in:
  • Chemical and biological sensors.
  • Corroding systems.
  • Batteries, fuel-cells, and solar-cells.
  • Electrocatalysis.
  • Electrosynthesis.
  • Industrial processes.
The development and characterisation of new materials will be discussed and illustrated by relevant experiments.

Compulsory laboratory experiments are included in the course.

Course Dates 1998/99

  • This is a biennial course. Next projected course period fall 1997.
Required Qualifications

  • Chemistry AB, 40 p, or the equivalent.
    Physicists without the required 40 p in basic chemistry courses can contact the responsible lecturer for information on aquiring exemption from this requirement.

  • Inquire (see below).
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