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Environmental Analytical Chemistry D, 10 p

Topic and Background

In order to identify the sources and effects of chemical substances in the environment, it is necessary to be able to formulate a specific goal of the study, to design and follow a suitable sampling strategy, to perform relevant analytical measurements and to interpret the results.

Aim of the Course

The aim of this course is to provide the necessary familiarity with all stages in the entire analytical procedure within the frame-work of environmental investigation and monitoring. These theoretical aspects are exemplified, and opportunity given to apply them in the experimental part of the course.

Course Contents

The course begins with a theoretical discussion of the various stages in the analytical procedure:

  • Problem formulation and planning.
  • Sampling strategies.
  • Sample manipulation, conservation, storage and work-up.
    Extraction, clean-up, preconcentration, derivatization
  • Instrumental anaysis.
  • Data evaluation and method validation.
Emphasis is placed on methods for the determination of ultra-trace concentrations of inorganic, organometallic and organic compounds in air, soil, water, sediment and biota.

In the experimental part of the course, theoretical knowledge is supplemented by practical exercises, in the form of a mini-project (where practical experience of problem formulation, experimental design, sampling and data evaluation is obtained) and traditional laboratory experiments. The results of the mini-project are reported in written form and in an oral presentation for group discussion.

Compulsory laboratory experiments are included in the course.

Course Dates 1998/99

  • August 31 to October 31, 1998. Full time course.
  • March 22 to June 6, 1999. Full time course.
Required Qualifications


  • Inquire.
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