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Analytical Atomic Spectroscopy D, 10 p

Course Contents

The course begins with a summary of the basic theory concerning atomic-absorption, -emission and -fluorescence. Atomic spectra, the emission and absorption of energy, spectral line profiles, and spectroscopic and physical factors affecting signal intensities are treated. Thereafter, the characteristics of various atomization systems, mechanisms for free atom formation, and the effect of temperature on the excitation and transport of analyte species are described. This information provides the necessary background for the ensuing discussion of how instruments are constructed, the occurrence of, and correction for, interferences observed during analytical measurements, and the areas of application and limitations of the various techniques. Suitable methods for sample preparation and introduction will also be discussed.

Tuition is given in the form of lectures and compulsory laboratory experiments, the latter providing both an illustration of the theoretical concepts and practical experience of various analytical methods using atomic spectrometric instrumentation.

Compulsory laboratory experiments are included in the course.

Course Dates 1998/99

  • November 2, 1998 to January 17, 1999. Full time course.
    Next projected course period fall 1998.
Required Qualifications


  • J.D. Ingle and S.R. Crouch, Spectrochemical Analysis Prentice-Hall, Englewood Cliffs, NJ, USA (1988): ISBN 0-13-826876-2.
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