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*Internet Glossary
*Note* Internet terms used in the descriptive sections of this document are explained here.
FTP ServerA server operating according to the UNIX File Transfer Protocol. If listed here, the server will accept anonymous login. Anonymous login is carried out by entering "anonymous" or sometimes "guest" when prompted for user name, and thereafter your entire e-mail address as password. You will then be granted access to the public file area of the server, where navigation is carried out with standard UNIX FTP commands, unless a graphical browser is used. Modern WWW browsers, such as Netscape, runs FTP more or less transparent to the user and presents directories quite similar to the Gopher protocol.
Gopher ServerOlder, document server format. The user is presented with a directory of files to choose from, instead of a freely formatted page such as this one. Used for distribution of textual material and sometimes also for data files.
HTMLHypertext Markup Language - The text formatting comments used to describe these pages. Allows for heading, paragraph and character style formatting, tables, and much more. May contain links to other documents, graphics, mail addresses, etc. A serious drawback is that it still lacks support for symbol sets, and subscripts and superscripts, which hamper the usefulness of HTML for chemical and mathematical communications.
Mailing listsAn e-mail service that can be subscribed to. The listserver works as a hub distributing messages by e-mail to subscribers. These lists may or may not be moderated.
NewsgroupsAn on-line bulletin-board type discussion forum where users can enter requests or statements and comment on other messages posted on the newsgroup. Groups are organized in a hierarchial manner, with names gradually sharpening to focus the topic of the group, e.g., "sci.chem.electrochem".

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