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*Icons Used at This Server
*3D*3D ChemSite *
A 3D chemical graphics site. The icon is a miniature representation of glycine.
*Alphabetical Index*Alphabetical Listing *
Material on this server is arranged in an alphabetical list.
*Classroom Teaching Material*Classroom Teaching Material *
The link contains material that can be used in a classroom teaching situation.
I haven't found a good use for this one yet.
*Dead URL*Dead URL *
Marks a link I've been unable to invoke for a period. Means pending removal!
The disk means that there's something to download at this site.
*OutLink*Earth - Outlink
I don't use it, since practically all links point to the world.
*Lab*E-flask *
Denotes a description of an experiment suitable in chemical education.
Another icon that I have difficulty in finding a good use for.
The link leads to a fill-in form. You'll need a browser capable of handling these.
The symbol means that the link leads to a file on an FTP (file transfer protocol) site.
*FTP Directory*FTPDIR
Same as the FTP symbol, but leads to an FTP directory instead of directly to a file.
*Gopher*Gopher *
Leads to a site based on the Gopher protocol. Most WWW browsers can handle this.
*Hands On*Hands-on *
The wrench is used to mark real hands-on sites, likely to generate some action.
Points at a resource that can be of some help.....*SideSmiley*.
Links are generally not rated. Look in the Couriosities section for a *HOT* experiment.
*Hypertext*Hypertext *
My definition of hypertext is a series of interlinked pages of a tutorial nature.
*Info*Information *
The link mainly contains information on how to acquire/buy/get something elsewhere.
*Link list*List
The pointer leads to a list of other resources.
Placed next to a link that will enable you to send a mail, if the link is clicked.
A video can be downloaded and viewed on properly equipped computers.
*NEW*New Link
Oh, come on, don't explain this to me....!
The link is to a news server. Some, but not all browsers can handle this.
How should I explain the Post-It?
The link leads to a (hopefully) scientific paper of some sort.
*Periodic Table*Paper
The link will lead to a periodic table of the elements. (The icon itself is a periodic table showing the acid/base properties of the elements.)
*Picture*Picture *
The link will bring up a single picture. [US Censors: No "indecent" stuff, though!]
Don't bother - Someone want to be left alone with their data!
*QuickTime Movie*QuickTime
The site features Apple QuickTime movies requiring a plug-in.
*Remote link*Remote
A link outside this server space. (Aren't all these links?).
*cgi Script*Script
The link will run a script (program) on a computer somewhere in Cyberspace.
*Scroll Down*Scrolldown
Takes you further down on the current page.
*Scroll Up*Scrollup
Could this be the opposite of Scrolldown...?
The link contains a search index.
*Freeware/Shareware*Server of Freeware
Yes, there is still such things as a free lunch!
*Payware*Server of Payware *
But alas, not all meals are served free of charge.
An icon for the nostalgics - Contents on the lighter side.
Prepare for some fun when activating the link.
*HP*Software for HP Calculators
The site carries software that can be run on Hewlett Packard calculators.
*Mac*Software for Macintosh *
Programs or other stuff available for download.
*MS-DOS*Software for MS-DOS *
Programs or other stuff available for download.
*Windows*Software for MS Windows *
Programs or other stuff available for download.
*OS/2*Software for OS/2
Programs or other stuff available for download.
*UNIX*Software for UNIX
Programs or other stuff available for download.
Noise (e.g., Bill Clinton's cat) will emerge from the computer speaker when activated.
*Speed 0* *Speed 1* *Speed 2* *Speed 3* *Speed 4*Speed Indicators
If I'll ever implement these, they will indicate the time needed to download a file.
Indicates a page that is more or less a hub for the topic on the web.
The data contained in the link is a table of some sort.
The link will activate your Telnet terminal emulator, if properly configured.
A link marked as such is purely textual.
*Under construction*Under Construction *
Was under construction when indexed. Give me a hint when to remove these icons.
*UPDATED*Updated Link
Come on, don't try to explain this to me!
*Virtual Reality*Virtual Reality
A link that will attempt to take you into a new dimension. (Sigh!)
*WinWord*WinWord *
The link will bring you a Microsoft Word for Windows word processing file.
*WWW VL*WWW Virtual Library *
The link is part of the World Wide Web Virtual Library.

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