Atomic Spectrometry Group

Publications on Solid Phase Extraction

  1. Johansson M., Emteborg H., Glad B., Reinholdsson F., Baxter D.C.
    Preliminary appraisal of a novel sampling and storage technique for the speciation analysis of lead and mercury in seawater.
    Fresenius J. Anal. Chem. 351 (1995) 461-466.
  2. Emteborg H., Baxter D.C., Sharp M., Frech W.
    Evaluation, mechanism and application of solid-phase extraction using a dithiocarbamate resin for the sampling and determination of mercury species in humic-rich natural waters.
    Analyst 120 (1995) 69-77.
  3. Emteborg H., Baxter D.C., Frech W.
    Speciation of mercury in natural waters by capillary gas chromatography with a microwave-induced plasma emission detector following preconcentration using a dithiocarbamate resin microcolumn installed in a closed flow injection system.
    Analyst 118 (1993) 1007-1013.
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