Liquid chromatography for the determination of mercury species in natural samples with atomic absorption spectrometry.

Examwork in Analytical Atomic Spectrometry

James Snell och Wolfgang Frech
Avdelningen f÷r Analytisk Kemi, Umeň Universitet, 901 87 Umeň.


The aim of this project is to develop an on-line system coupling of mercury enrichment on a solid sorbent column with high performance liquid chromatography followed by reduction and cold vapour atomic absorption spectrometry. HPLC allows the separation of even involatile mercury species in relatively large volume samples, while AAS detectors demonstrate high selectivity and sensitivity for mercury. A coupled system could be used for the determination of species in a wide variety of samples, on-line, at ppt levels. Methods of on-line preconcentration would be optimised. The system to be developed provides analytical advantages over existing speciation methods including the ability to determine many species simultaneously without the need for derivatisation procedures, a broad calibration range and be applicable even to less volatile species.


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Uppgiften inf÷rd 3 december, 1996 av alias
Magnus Johansson, Avdelningen f÷r Analytisk Kemi, Umeň Universitet, 901 87 Umeň.

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