Absolute calibration of mercury determinations based on multi-step procedures.

Examwork in Analytical Atomic Spectrometry

Wolfgang Frech
Avdelningen f÷r Analytisk Kemi, Umeň Universitet, 901 87 Umeň.


The analyses of samples for mercury species requires normally an enrichment step combined with various types of treatment followed by chromatographic separation and detection. for calibration, a standard is treated in the same way as the sample or samples that are analysed according to the method of standard addition. As the overall procedures are complex and because added forms of mercury might behave differently from those present in the sample the risks for obtaining inaccurate results is substantial. One way to improve the reliability of methods is to control the efficiencies of the various steps involved in an analytical procedure.


During this 10 week project you will investigate a standard method for mercury speciation based on extraction, derivatisation, GC separation and detection by MIP-AES. the overall efficiency of the procedure will be assessed by comparing with signals from known masses of mercury, directly introduces into the detector. Possible sources for non-quantotative efficiencies shall be identified to improve the method, if possible. For a method with an efficiency close to 100% it would be possible to simplify calibration.


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