Research Group for Atomic Spectrometry

Department of Analytical Chemistry, Umeå University
S-901 87 Umeå, Sweden

As may be apparent from the flags shown above, the group has maintained a very international character, with members originating from Sweden, Germany, China and England. Here you can find information on the current addresses of past and present members of the group, which might otherwise not be available on the home pages.

Present Group Members

Former Group Members

Wolfgang Frech, university lecturer

Erik Björn, Ph.D. student
Jin Qian, Ph.D. student
Johanna Qvarnström, Ph.D. student
James Snell, Ph.D. student
Douglas C. Baxter
Michael Berglund
Håkan Emteborg
Negassi Hadgu
Robert Hansson
Ingela Lindberg-Sandström
Erik Lundberg
Gillis Lundgren
Magnus Johansson
K. E. Anders Ohlsson
Jan-Åke Persson
List of current addresses

Research Interests

The group is currently working in two major areas, these being graphite furnace atomic absorption spectrometry and trace metal speciation. Within these fields of interest, we are concerned with fundamental studies, instrumental development and analytical applications. Further information on these and other topics can be found below, together with references to relevant publications produced by the group.

Scientific articles for the years: 1974-79 1980-89 1990-  


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This document was last updated on August 8, 1996.