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This page lists chemistry research and education in Sweden. It intends to be as complete as possible, covering links to universities and non-university higher education institutes, as well as research organizations, government authorities and chemical companies.
You can assist in maintaining this list by submitting or correcting URLs, or comment on this list, by clicking on the graphic link below this paragraph. Links annotated with a Swedish flag contain information in Swedish only. Swedish

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Part of a project by Michael Barker from the University of Liverpool to map chemistry education and research worldwide. The main page (with links all over the world) can be found here.

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Chemical Companies with Websites

Chemical Companies without Websites

This listing is taken from member list of The Association of Swedish Chemical Industries (Kemikontoret), where product and contact information regarding these companies is kept updated.

  • Akzo Nobel Base Chemicals AB
  • Akzo Nobel Deco Sverige AB
  • Akzo Nobel Decorative Coatings AB
  • Akzo Nobel Industrial Coatings AB
  • Akzo Nobel Inks AB
  • Akzo Nobel Rexolin AB
  • Akzo Nobel Surface Chemistry AB
  • Alcro Beckers AB
  • Alron Chemical Co AB
  • Alufluor AB
  • Anticimex AB
  • Arizona Chemical AB
  • Avesta Welding AB, Division Chemicals
  • AWL Scandinavia AB
  • Becker Acroma Klinten i Sverige KB
  • Becker Industrifärg AB
  • BetzDearborn AB
  • Bim Kemi AB
  • BK-Industri AB
  • Boda Nova - Höganäs Keramik AB
  • Boliden Bergsöe AB
  • Borealis AB
  • Borgens Konserver AB
  • BP Chemicals AB
  • Båke AB, Ingenjörsfirman Gustaf
  • Carlfors Bruk AB
  • Castrol AB
  • Chematex i Borås AB
  • Chemetall Skandinavien Ytteknik AB
  • Coates Lorilleux AB
  • Continental Gislaved Däck AB
  • Danisco Sugar AB
  • Dow Sverige AB
  • DSM Scandinavia AB
  • Dyno Nobel Europe Ljungaverk
  • Elida Fabergé AB
  • Ferring AB
  • Flügger AB
  • Forsheda AB
  • Gernandt AB, J C E
  • Geveko Industri AB
  • Gislaved Gummi AB
  • Glasma AB
  • Haglund Färgindustri, AB N
  • Hagmans Kemi AB
  • Henkel Barnängen AB
  • Henkel Norden AB
  • Herberts Norden AB
  • Hercules AB
  • Herdins Färgverk AB
  • Hoechst-Perstorp AB
  • HORDA Profil AB
  • International Färg AB
  • Johansfors Glasbruk i Broakulla AB
  • Karlshamns AB
  • Kemetyl AB
  • Kemibolaget i Bromma AB
  • Kemwater Närke AB
  • Kernfest-Webac AB
  • Kubikenborg Aluminium AB, Kubal
  • KWH Pipe Sverige AB
  • Lagomat AB
  • LignoTech Sweden AB
  • Lindbacka Gummifabrik, AB
  • Lindshammar Glasbruk AB
  • Lotréc AB
  • Lyckeby Reppe AB
  • Lyckeby Stärkelsen Industrial Starches AB
  • Malmökrita AB
  • Markpoint System AB
  • McWhorter Technologies AB
  • Metsa Specialty Chemicals AB
  • Målerås Glasbruk AB
  • Nalco Chemical AB
  • National Gummi AB
  • National Starch & Chemical AB
  • Neste Oxo AB
  • Nitor AB
  • Nitro Nobel AB
  • Nordisk Carbon Black AB
  • Nordium AB
  • Nybro Glasbruk Produktion AB
  • Nynäs Petroleum, AB
  • Ohlsson Kem Prod AB, Thord
  • Paktank AB
  • PolyPeptide Laboratories (Sweden) AB
  • Preem Raffinaderi AB
  • Raisio Svenska AB
  • Reci Industri AB
  • Reijmyre Glasbruk AB
  • Rhône-Poulenc Agro AB
  • Rodlin Färg & PUR Industrier AB
  • Rosdala Glasbruk, AB
  • Rosinco AB
  • Rötmotaverken, AB
  • SC Johnson Professional
  • Scanexett AB
  • Scanlatex, AB
  • Scanmax Kemi AB
  • SEA Glasbruk AB
  • Shell Raffinaderi AB
  • Sicpa AB
  • Skandinaviska Raffinaderi AB Scanraff
  • Stadex, AB
  • Sterisol AB
  • Stora Timber AB
  • Svedala Skega AB
  • Svensk Avfallskonvertering AB (SAKAB)
  • Svenska Glasbruk Skruf Bergdala AB
  • Svenska Johnsons Vax AB
  • Svenska Lim AB
  • Svenska Rayon AB
  • Svenska Sika, AB
  • Svenska Statoil AB
  • Tamm Laboratorier AB, P-H
  • Teknos Tranemo AB
  • Trelleborg Building Systems AB
  • Trelleborg HORDA AB
  • Trelleborg Sigma AB
  • Tripasin, AB
  • Ulinco Gummi & Plast AB
  • Vargön Alloys AB
  • Vasco AB
  • Zefin AB
  • Älghults Glasbruk, AB

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